Security Guard Company in Birmingham

The Guardian has made a name as one of the leading security guard companies. We have a proven track record in providing security management and protective services throughout Birmingham and neighbouring areas. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you get security guards who are professional and discharge their security guard duties with utmost honesty and responsibility.

Our Services at a Glance

We have bifurcated our expertise into three distinct divisions. We work in tandem to offer you world-class security guard services.

  • Uniformed security officers with provision to carry arms: We deploy well-trained and uniformed security guards who are adept at their roles. You get the freedom to choose between armed and unarmed security guards, depending on your specific security requirement at home or the workplace.
  • Flexibility in the duration of duty: Our team offers you personal protection as per your specific need. You can go for either long or short-term contracts according to your requirement.
  • Private investigations: Do you need a competent professional to carry out a private investigation? Then you can count on us for total discretion in this type of work and a high degree of efficiency.

Check the background of our team, and you will see plenty of professionals with prior experience in law enforcement and military backgrounds. You can rest assured about the effectiveness and impact of the duties discharged by these highly trained and experienced security professionals. You can also look forward to CCTV monitoring services in addition to our physical security guards if the situation demands additional security measures in place. 

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Trust The Guardian to come up tops when you need highly effective security guard services for your personal or business needs. We remain firmly committed to delivering best-in-class services that succeed in protecting you, your loved ones, your employees, and your assets. Maintaining law and order on the premises just became easier with the trained guards on duty.

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